Monday, November 29, 2010

{joy} vintage banner

Not sure what got into me tonight...
I was looking at paper that I've had a while - and just got back from the craft store with some beautiful lace ~ 2 hours later I have this cute little {joy} vintage-ie banner

The base of the banner, stars and letters were cut with my Cricut
Tea dyed the lace to get it the right color then hand gathered that...made the little rosettes by gathering ribbon and put a little bling in the center.
Strung it on some pretty silver ribbon... I'm off to bed now that I'm finished!
I just love the holidays ~ it gets the creative juices flowing!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

{merry christmas} tag garland

What a crafty mood I've been in lately! I love it!
Crafts seem to get me into the Spirit of the holiday season! And since moving to our new little cottage, I haven't done much in the way of crafting...decorating yes...crafting not so much! So with Thanksgiving and Christmas...I really got the little crafty bug.
Having a word garland hanging in the house for the month/season that it is makes me happy :) I love making them using my Cricut was no different. I needed to make a Merry Christmas garland so I started with my Cricut Expression machine and the Tags, Bags, Boxes and More cartridge. Used some sparkly paper that I had laying around and cut out the background tags.

Picked a few colors of my Glimmer Mist by Tattered Angels...I wanted red, but I was making a garland for my BFF jules ~ and her Christmas decor is blue and then I thought I'd make a couple extra garlands for the boutique so I also grabbed a pretty green too.

Then using a swirly glimmer mask {also from Tattered Angels} I stenciled the mask shape on each of the tags...but changed the location for each tag to give it a really cool effect and i didn't want it to look too uniform ~ matchie-matchie...

Let the Glimmer Mist dry completely

Cut letters out using a Cricut font cartridge {I used Printing Press} ~ Attach them to the tags ~ this is made easier if you run the letters through a Xyron machine to make them stickers ~ then all you have to do is peel and stick.

String the tags along a ribbon {I have this awesome red velvet ribbon that I love} ~ and spread the letters out just a little bit. Leave space between words. Tie bits of different ribbons at each of the ends and in between the words.

Here's the version I made for {jules} ~ she wanted the word PEACE so that's what I did...because it was a shorter word I put bits of ribbon in between each letter. Also, it needed a little more bling ~ so I Stickled each letter when it was done. On the other garland I used Crystal Effects to just give the letters a little extra pop!

Here's to the start of an amazing Christmas holiday season!

**update** here is the tag garland in the green tones:

and the garland I made for jules on her pretty mantel

Funky Junk's Sat Nite SpecialMakingThe Girl Creative

Temple Pictures on Wood Blocks

I love to see the Temple...
I'm going there someday...
I made some really cute temple pictures on wood blocks for a boutique my friend is having next week...
Took pictures that I had (actually my BFF took this one of the SL Temple and shared it with me :) love you jules!) added a title and printed them out ~ to adhere them to the wood ~ I used MOD PODGE of course! Love that stuff!
Then distressed it and added a pretty bow!
They turned out so pretty...I did different versions of this with several different pictures that I have taken over the past few months of some of our local temples...
Going to make some wonderful Christmas presents this year!

Feather Pudding

Feather Pudding Recipe
My grandma Martin always made this amazing dessert type yumminess for Thanksgiving and Christmas...It was tradition! We didn't have very many traditions growing up that I can really remember except for a few ~ but the one thing I did remember was her making this dish and we only had it during the holidays.
As she got older, her children and grandchildren started taking on the responsibility of making the meals and even her Feather Pudding.
I can remember when I was about 18 and wanting to take this traditional Martin Family recipe to a holiday dinner at some was not as easy as it seemed! But I did master it!
Now 20 something years later, I carry on the tradition and make Feather Pudding every Thanksgiving and Christmas...I don't even need to look at the recipe or instructions anymore...and everytime I make it, I think of my Momo (aka grandma Martin) and what an amazing, sweet, loving woman she was ~ and how much I love her and miss her!
I hope you enjoy a little bit of what has become our family tradition ~ from our family to yours!

Turkey Placecards & Pilgrim Hats

Ok...can't take the credit for this one...
A friend led me to this cute blog "Our Best Bites" that had the cutest Thanksgiving crafts ~ so I just copied them...
Here's my version of our little Turkey

I also made the cute pilgrim hats ~

If you want to know the ingredients to these and some other amazing things ~ go check out Our Best Bites site...
**Side Note Suggestion** Use Double Stuff Oreos ~ that way the candy corns can fit better!

Red & Green Candy Wreath Oranaments

A friend of mine is doing a boutique at her house this year and besides any craft item that you offer, she has also requested that we bring 20 ornaments to sell.
I think how she is doing it is so cute...All the ornaments for sale will decorate several trees in her home...
So here is one of the ornaments that I made - thought I'd do a little tutorial for it, seeing it was super simple and inexpensive to whip these cuties up.
First you'll need the round hard candies (green and white OR red and white OR both - I used both), a glue gun, some coordinating ribbons and the little red hot cinnamon candies

It takes 6 of the round candies to make one wreath...Using the glue gun, glue the 6 candies together so that they form a circular shape.

Next, glue a red hot cinnamon candy at each seam except at the top - it will take 5 red hot candies for each wreath.

To hang the wreath to the tree, I used 1/4" sheer red ribbon - tied it through the wreath and secured it at the top with a knot. To seal the candy - I sprayed both front and back with a clear sealer spray. Hang the wreath to dry.

Once sealer has dried, glue a bow to the top of the wreath.

I did some red and white ones, green and white ones and mixed it up a little and did some red, green and white ones. They turned out really cute ~ I was able to get 28 ornaments from 2 bags of the hard candies.

This is a very inexpensive craft - approx. $5 to make all 28 ornaments. It's also easy and with minimal supervision, older children could make this cute oranment.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

It has been the craziest past a good way
Not much time to come up for a breath of air...
Spent almost a week in Washington DC (will have to post about that later) and then for the past 3 weeks - had lots and lots of photo shoots (which means even more editing)
But I wanted to take just a minute to express today some things that I'm so thankful for...
1) My sweet hunny, Kurt...he is my partner, my best friend and Eternal companion. He blesses my life each day with more love than I ever thought any one person could love another...he is pretty much the bomb diggity! lol
2) My 4 princes...someone asked me today if I missed not having a answer was Absolutely Not! My boys are awesome! They each are the most amazing people. I'm so grateful they are my children and I love them so much!
3), pops, dad, grammy, my sisters (& their hunnys), brother-in-law & sister-in law, nieces & nephews, aunts & uncles, and each and everyone of them. Each person in our family brings something special to my life!
4) Friends...I am blessed with some amazing friends that seem more like family. I am thankful for these relationships that on more than one occasion have kept me taking one more step forward when I thought I couldn't go on any longer.
5) My saviour Jesus Christ...for the atonement and sacrifice that was made on my behalf.
6) To live in a country where I am free...and thankful to the men and women in the armed forces who have helped to protect that freedom.
I can go on...but my minute is up :) LOL
I really am thankful for so many things in my life - thanks for taking the time to read my blog...
Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving