Saturday, January 30, 2010

Crafts In Bloom Posting Party

I have a goal to have my own posting party soon...but in the meantime, I have discovered so many talented crafters out there by joining other site's posting parties...
I joined a little craft posting club over at Crafts in Bloom

Please come check it out...and post your own projects there too!

PB Knock-off - Dottie Ribbon Frames Gone Vintage

First of all, I went to the 99cent store to see if they had any cute frames! And boy did they ever! I found these frame sets with a larger frame and a smaller frame for 99cents of course! That was an awesome deal!

Anyway...I had been looking through the PBTeen catalog and saw these cute little frame sets, attached to a ribbon - original price $35 but on sale for $29. They were a little on the kiddish side - thus being shown in the PBTeen catalog - duh right?!? lol

I figured I could put my own little spin on these using the little frames that I just aquired from the 99cent store!
First, I removed the back piece from each of the frames.

Then I removed the glass and the backings from each of the frames. I used Valspar Antiquing Glaze to make these little white frames look more vintage. First you just brush it on...

And then wipe it off...leaving a little bit of the color in all the nooks and crannies...

To make the ribbon backing - It takes about 3 yds of ribbon. Cut three pieces of ribbon about 32 inches long each. I made a loop at the top of each of the pieces, securing it with a couple staples.

Then I made three bows and glued one bow at the base of each of the loops using hot glue (this also covers up the staples).

Now you just need to attach the frames to the ribbons, making sure they are spaced out evenly. Once you have the frames attached to the ribbons (and you have pictures inside your frames - unlike mine which are naked on the wall right now!), hang your Vintage Ribbon Frames on the wall - I spaced mine out approximately 6 inches apart from the loop at the top.

Here's What the original looked like again from the catalog...

And here's the finished project...

In all this set of 3 Vintage Ribbon Frames cost me approx $5!

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What a Find - XL Entryway Clock

Was at Super Target today - I love our new Super Target!
And was just strolling through the aisles...
not really looking for anything in particular...
I've wanted an XL Clock to go on the wall as you enter the house for a while now...and there it was! It was perfect. Checking the price - I had to take a double take! $17! REALLY??? Really!!!
It was marked down from $70 to $17...even the girl at check-out couldn't believe the

Not sure if I'll leave it the color it is...or paint it yet...
I will take an updated picture once I decide and get it up on the wall...
Now that was a great find!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sharing Crafty Chic Idea - From Blue Family Scene

My husband's very crafty cousin, Margo (I claim her as my cousin too!) has a great Crafty Chic project I wanted to share with everyone! We are both super fans of the Shanty2Chic sisters and Margo did a little spin off of their apothacary jars...using baby food jars!!! Super Creative!

Please check out this and her other very creative projects and ideas here: Blue Family Scene
Can't wait to try this little project for myself!

Magnetic Message Board

I visited my friend Sue this past weekend while I was in Orange County for CHA. In her entryway was this super cute message board...well of course I needed one for myself - LOL! So I gathered my supplies and went to work...
For the metal piece I used a sheet of roof flashing which I got at Lowe's for 92 cents! I made my wood piece a little wider than the tin piece and a bit taller. Then I determined where I wanted my holes and drilled them evenly spaced out at the top.

Paint the board - I used Americana Lamp Ebony Black...two coats. Then I distressed the edges once it was dry.

I used Gorilla Super Glue to attach the tin piece.

Once the glue dried I used jute twine to make a hanger...tying a bow at the top of the board.

In each of the four corners of the tin I drilled a tiny hole. In each of the holes I put in a black furniture nail. I found several different kinds at Lowe's in the area where you find Tacks, Nails and Fastners. They came in a package of 25 for 97 cents. I found these black ones and two other kinds that I really liked, so I bought all 3 packages. I figure I will find somewhere I can use them. I put a drop of super glue in each hole before I put in the nail.

I am thinking that it needs to have some wording down the sides...If I do, I will post an updated picture...but for now, I just love my new little magnetic message board.

Prima - CHA Update

I think we spent the most time at the Prima booth! There were over 500 new items that they came out with! If you don't like would LOVE them after spending any amount of time at their booth. We saw so many incredible are just a few to share:

Julia from Juju Bee's Scrapbook Corner - clicking pictures of all the pretties!

My friend Julia from Juju Bees Scrapbook Corner and I were on the Prima Flowers video - about 3 minutes in LOL

Pink Paislee - CHA Update of my favoritest lines at CHA is Pink Paislee!
Here are some pictures from the displays from their booth of the beautiful stuff to come...can't wait to play with all the beautiful product!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Charger Re-do Crafty Chic

Went to Tuesday Morning...looking for anything fun
Well I found this silver charger that had a really nice shape...not exactly square with some great curves for $1.19!

First I lightly sanded the surface...

Then I painted the surface using Americana Lamp Ebony Black...a couple coats and let completely dry. Then I sanded the edges.

Here are two different ways that I put it together...

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