Wednesday, December 1, 2010

No Hobby Lobby...woes!

Why don't we have a Hobby Lobby???
I ask you?!?
All that we have is Wal-Mart (a friend of mine refers to as hell!) which doesn't have very much...Michael's and JoAnns are in the next town over - still not a great selection...
Lowe's (my favorite hardware store - and I'm not saying that just cuz the hubby works at their distribution center) is just up the street, but again, not a great selection of "crafting" things.
I am a fan of so many amazing crafting blogs and I don't go a day without one of the wonderfully talented ladies saying that they got it at Hobby Lobby!
I want to "craft-lift" ideas and go in search of the items I see but alas! I can never find all the items needed and I tend to have to go to 4 different stores to come close! And when and if I do find things that come close - they're always 50% higher in price!
So what would it take to get a Hobby Lobby in beautiful, sunny, Southern California???
Maybe I'll send them an email and tell them my crafting plight...maybe they'll have a heart and open up a store in my area just cuz I asked!
Well a girl can hope can't she!
Thanks for listening...
have a nice day!
bahahahahah! LOL!

Closest Store to me that is open - Henderson Nevada!
Store Opening in Visalia California...but that's like 3 hours away! ugh!

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  1. come visit me... We have one... A NEW ONE!!! I love it... :O) and you would too... I tend to say I will only be a minute and.... 2 or more hours later I emerge out of the store... It's a sickness I tell you... :O) But I am NOT complaining... :O) I will keep that sickness!! :O)