Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Been So Busy...Quick Update

I'm so sorry no posts lately...
Doesn't mean I have be lazing around doing nothing though...
On the contrary ~
Taking tons and tons of family pictures ~ oh and a wedding or two in there as well :)
So far have gotten 7 Christmas cards with pictures that I've taken! I think that's the bomb! Gives me warm and fuzzies!
Trying to get Christmas shopping done for the princes...
You know my momma and grammy are the smart ones here! It is just too much for them to get out and shop for all the kids so they send $$ to me and I do their shopping! LOL Brilliant! I will remember that when I get a little older with grandkids!
Anyway ~ so life has gotten in the way of blogging ~ but I'll take living my life anyday!
So very blessed and grateful for all that I have and for the people in my life.
I promise to catch up on some fun stuff I've been doing ~ crafts and pictures and life in general.
Going to go back on my diet right after Christmas...need to drop the extra 30 pounds that seem to like my butt and thighs...if I can lose 80 then 30 should be nothing...The goal is by my 43rd birthday in March to see those pesky 30 gone for good!
I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a most Joyous New Year! May your families and homes be blessed with love during this time of year and always!
all my love to you my fabulous bloggers!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

No Hobby Lobby...woes!

Why don't we have a Hobby Lobby???
I ask you?!?
All that we have is Wal-Mart (a friend of mine refers to as hell!) which doesn't have very much...Michael's and JoAnns are in the next town over - still not a great selection...
Lowe's (my favorite hardware store - and I'm not saying that just cuz the hubby works at their distribution center) is just up the street, but again, not a great selection of "crafting" things.
I am a fan of so many amazing crafting blogs and I don't go a day without one of the wonderfully talented ladies saying that they got it at Hobby Lobby!
I want to "craft-lift" ideas and go in search of the items I see but alas! I can never find all the items needed and I tend to have to go to 4 different stores to come close! And when and if I do find things that come close - they're always 50% higher in price!
So what would it take to get a Hobby Lobby in beautiful, sunny, Southern California???
Maybe I'll send them an email and tell them my crafting plight...maybe they'll have a heart and open up a store in my area just cuz I asked!
Well a girl can hope can't she!
Thanks for listening...
have a nice day!
bahahahahah! LOL!

Closest Store to me that is open - Henderson Nevada!
Store Opening in Visalia California...but that's like 3 hours away! ugh!