Saturday, November 27, 2010

Red & Green Candy Wreath Oranaments

A friend of mine is doing a boutique at her house this year and besides any craft item that you offer, she has also requested that we bring 20 ornaments to sell.
I think how she is doing it is so cute...All the ornaments for sale will decorate several trees in her home...
So here is one of the ornaments that I made - thought I'd do a little tutorial for it, seeing it was super simple and inexpensive to whip these cuties up.
First you'll need the round hard candies (green and white OR red and white OR both - I used both), a glue gun, some coordinating ribbons and the little red hot cinnamon candies

It takes 6 of the round candies to make one wreath...Using the glue gun, glue the 6 candies together so that they form a circular shape.

Next, glue a red hot cinnamon candy at each seam except at the top - it will take 5 red hot candies for each wreath.

To hang the wreath to the tree, I used 1/4" sheer red ribbon - tied it through the wreath and secured it at the top with a knot. To seal the candy - I sprayed both front and back with a clear sealer spray. Hang the wreath to dry.

Once sealer has dried, glue a bow to the top of the wreath.

I did some red and white ones, green and white ones and mixed it up a little and did some red, green and white ones. They turned out really cute ~ I was able to get 28 ornaments from 2 bags of the hard candies.

This is a very inexpensive craft - approx. $5 to make all 28 ornaments. It's also easy and with minimal supervision, older children could make this cute oranment.

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