Saturday, November 27, 2010

Feather Pudding

Feather Pudding Recipe
My grandma Martin always made this amazing dessert type yumminess for Thanksgiving and Christmas...It was tradition! We didn't have very many traditions growing up that I can really remember except for a few ~ but the one thing I did remember was her making this dish and we only had it during the holidays.
As she got older, her children and grandchildren started taking on the responsibility of making the meals and even her Feather Pudding.
I can remember when I was about 18 and wanting to take this traditional Martin Family recipe to a holiday dinner at some was not as easy as it seemed! But I did master it!
Now 20 something years later, I carry on the tradition and make Feather Pudding every Thanksgiving and Christmas...I don't even need to look at the recipe or instructions anymore...and everytime I make it, I think of my Momo (aka grandma Martin) and what an amazing, sweet, loving woman she was ~ and how much I love her and miss her!
I hope you enjoy a little bit of what has become our family tradition ~ from our family to yours!

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