Monday, October 18, 2010

What's that smell? {really?}

That little 3 word statement can go one of two ways...
It could be...
"ooooooo yum! What's that smell? Is that {cookies} {brownies} {banana bread}?" take your pick on the yummy smell of your choice.
It could be...
"oh mom is that Pumpkin Bread?" only for them to be disappointed to find out that it's my Pumpkin Spice Sentsy waxie thingie burning...LOL bahahahaha and then a "Dang it!" follows that with disappointment on their face. So then I feel obligated to make brownies or some other baked yummy!
OR it could be like today!
Some of you know that we moved...not far...same village ~ just 3 blocks over, but we have had a few issues at the new cottage. So the garage isn't quite put together yet and the outside fridge is not where I can easliy access it {my hunny says after todays turn of event, it will all be put together this Saturday}...
Anyway, I get ahead of myself...
So my hunny needed to put something out in the outside fridge and he took out a bowl that was taking up space and put it on the kitchen counter...not looking at what the contents of that bowl was.
After running my Monday morning errands, I return to the cottage 4 hours later and about pass out as I walk through the door..."What's that smell!" That's not the good scenario! After a little investigation...I discover the science experiment in the bowl that came from the outside fridge sitting on the kitchen counter. {really?}
GROSS! So the Goddess went to work...plugged in all the Sentsy waxie thingies with warm Mochadoodle sents in them all...held my breath...rinsed out the bowl...poured an entire box of baking soda on the bowl, sink and down the garbage disposal....I held it together only gagging a couple times!
Fast forward two hours...#4 prince walks through the door...and he exclaims "What's that smell??? Brownies?"
LOL looks like I'll be making brownies later!

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