Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shut the **BLEEPING** TV off!

Don't you remember when there were only 7 channels on the television?
And you had to have "rabbit ears" or an atenna on top of your set?
AND, sometimes when you couldn't get great receiption, your dad would tell you to go get some aluminum foil so he could put it on those rabbit ears in hopes that the picture would come in better?
{this was back when I had a pet dinosaur! and children walked to school...even when it rained!} LOL
Now we have 100's of stations on television...why have just one ESPN channel when 10 are better??? really?
Now days, if you want to have television, you have to have cable or satellite or some form of service where you pay in order to view programs on that box with pictures...no more rabbit ears required.
Up until 4 months ago, we too had some sort of paid television service. I didn't mind the princes watching programs...in fact I really enjoyed Disney channel and Nick {for the most part}...it wasn't until one day I heard almost a yelling conversation taking place on a program and every, other word was being bleeped out.
I was busily doing whatever it was that I was doing and in the familyroom, I could hear the BLEEPING becoming increasingly more repeated to where you couldn't even hear anything that the person was actually saying!
After my initial investigation...I discovered that in was a program {I can't remember the name} on an MTV station...where aparently, BLEEPING was common place.
This was my first experience with this sort of program...so trying to be the level headed mom...I walked into the room...watched for a few minutes and then turned to my zombiefied princes who were glued - eyes glazed - to the tv and said "if I hear more than 2 BLEEPS in a row, and you don't turn it...I will disconnect the tv."
I don't think they for one moment thought that I would actually do it...
but I stuck to my word...
because it didn't even take the rest of that week before I heard the BLEEPING BLEEP BLEEP on the BLEEPING BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP again!
So our nice cable guy, came out the very next day and removed all the lovely little cable boxes and took them and the television clickers with him.
Fast forward 4 months...
I like the fact that I don't hear the BLEEPING anymore...
I like that yesterday I caught my 15 year old READING a book in the familyroom instead of watching some BLEEPING program...
I like the fact that as a family we have sat down and had movie nights again ~ haven't done that in a while...
I do however miss McDreamy!
Not sure how much longer I'll be able to go without the paid television service...
We have, however become more aware of the types of shows that the princes were watching and IF we do get some sort of service back, there will be rules and time limits heavily inforced...
On the other hand...I am enjoying the BLEEPING silence.
next hill to climb...youtube! one battle at a time!


  1. We have dish network and I love the parental controls. Because kids being kids will try to watch something they are not supposed to if they think they can get away with it.

  2. That's a great idea! See the pay service we had before just didn't offer it...but to tell you the truth I'm kinda enjoying the silence...right now my 13year old is READING! What??? really??? lol I will have to breakdown eventually but right now it's kinda nice...