Sunday, October 24, 2010


Being in our new little cottage for a little over a month now...
When we couldn't find a place for stuff, it kinda got put out in the garage {aka the man cave}
This didn't set too well with my hunny...because afterall ~ it is "his" space and it was being invaded by STUFF
My hunny loves organization {just another reason I love him} and it was driving him crazy to have his domain so unorganized!
He made appointments with the entire family to make sure no one had anything going on Saturday so we could all help with this huge undertaking.
I personally was just hoping to finally find the box of pots and pans {if I haven't already said this...we still haven't been able to find the box that contains all the cookware ~ had to go buy a pot and a pan until we can find "the" box}
10 hours went from the horder look to organized!
All the shelves up, lights hung, big boy toys in their places...
But box of cookware to be found!
I really hope that when we take the Christmas boxes out of the rafters ~ there we will find the "box"!
All that is left is some scrapbook stuff {which he lovingly reminded me that is my "stuff"} to go through ~ thinking a garage sale is in order to minimize it all! lol
Grateful for my hunny and his OCD ways!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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