Wednesday, October 13, 2010

If Mr. Doolitte says it's so...then you know it's right!

On our way to Mutual tonight I took the opportunity to talk to Trevor and Michael about their days at school. Trevor, not being for a shortage of words these days, tells Michael and I excitedly about something his science teacher, Mr. Doolittle told them today about gravity.

Trevor..."Mom! Mr. Doolittle told us that if you opened up a Pringles can in space and let the chips fly out in space ~ in 3000 years they'll all smush together and create their own gravitational pull!"

Michael..."Like creating it's own Earth???"

Trevor..."YA! A Pringles Planet!"

Mom..."And Mr. Doolittle is old enough to have been around 3000 years to do the experiment himself?"

Trevor..."He is pretty old ya know and knows alot of stuff."

LOL I'm sure Mr. Doolittle is younger than I am...but I'm pretty sure Trevor thinks that I had a pet dinosaur when I was younger too!

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