Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Feeling My {Age}

I was reminded at three points today how old I really am.
Just to put it out there...I'm {42 years old}.
Dang! It sounds so old because as an 18 year old "girl" graduating from high mom was 38 and having her 20 year reunion from high school...and she was soooooooooo old to me! LOL
But really, I don't feel like I should be I?
#1 prince is a senior in high school...I know this...and I'm coming to terms with the fact that in less than a year, my baby will be off to college and then in just over a year will serve a mission for our church. How is this possible?
I remember just like it was yesterday, my perfect, brand new baby boy in my arms...and a friend, who was also a new mommy, saying something like ~ I calculated when my baby will graduate high school...yada yada
It made me think and I too calculated the year that my precious little prince would matriculate ~ 2011...hahaha I thought to myself...that's just so far away!
After school today...he handed me his "senior packet"! The information on cap and gown and tassel...class ring...graduation announcements...I got that ringing in my ears where you can't really hear anything clearly for a few minutes as all the images in this senior packet were swirling around in my head...reminded me of his first day of kindergarten...I can't even go there right now...
Today my very good friend Natalie and her precious girls, texted and asked if the boys and I wanted to go get some frozen yogurt. At the time, #2 & #3 princes and I were going to start our workout...but I said yes because I wanted to put off the insanity for just a little while longer.
We had a great time!
Just hanging out, talking, eating some yummy frozen goodness and being together.
Natalie and I have known each other since we were 12 so we go way back...and during our conversation she says, isn't our 25th high school reunion coming up? I kinda choked a little...and then got that ringing in my ears again...25 years...25 years...the words kept resounding in my head. There's no way! We just had our 20th! I know because I helped plan it! I calculated the numbers...she's right ~ 2011 - 1986 = 25 years!
We finished our yogurt and came back to our little cottage to continue our wonderful time with our friends...
Once the girls were gone...I couldn't put the workout off any longer. I knew that if I didn't do it, then I would be upset at myself in the morning! And the princes were ready to go!
Let me just say...Shaun T, the guy who came up with this workout is INSANE...and I tried with everything I had to do the entire thing...but I had to modify most of the moves about 20 mins in.
As I worked out, I had flashback memories of a workout video {yes I said video as in VHS!} that my grammy used to do. It was a Richard Simmons workout where the little old ladies used a chair and they would sit and stretch...I would watch my grammy and giggle as she would bend and stretch...and she was a whole whoppin' 50 years old at the time probably! Can't you just see Richard in those stripped short shorts and that curly brown afro hair of his...LOL I can just hear him!
Once the workout was finished...and the three of us were gasping for air and sucking down the water...I slowly drug myself over to my chair and panted desperately for someone to bring me an IB800 and water...
and here I sit...because my body is too sore to even move...
I hear the bathtub beckoning rest my old aching muscles...
I think I may shuffle my way down the hall and see if I can move.
Not feeling sorry for myself by any means...
I just have to come to grips with the fact that I'm getting older...
But I don't have to succom to being OLD...
My mother would always tell me{and I'm sure you've heard it a million times}
"You're only as old as you feel"
Up until today...I was feeling like I was 30 something...
After a good long soak in a nice hot tub and a good nights sleep...hopefully 42 again...and honestly that's just fine by me.

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