Sunday, February 7, 2010

Picnic Set Re-use as Bathroom Set

My BFF Julie gave me this really cute picnic set for Christmas...

I have to be honest...we have a few picnic sets and they sit in the cupboard...all year long! This one was really cute and I didn't want it just sitting I thought about what I could do with it!
(Light Bulb!!!!)
I have been looking for a little basket of some sort to put on my counter in the guest bathroom for hand towels...VIOLA!

I also use this bathroom to get all beautiful each morning...

and my blow dryer and curling iron generally hang out on the I used the utencil holder from the picnic set to hold these and my brushes...looks better than it did before - trust me...and the hubs liked it much better too!

So my new little "towel holder" really goes great with my other little nic nacs in my bathroom...ahhhh bliss!

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