Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ooo La La - French-ish Bottles of Bath Salts they aren't French...but I have this whole French theme going on in my downstairs bathroom. I've been kinda crafty chic-ing it up in there lately with the hat box and the towel holder...
I got this pink bath salts from our Relief Society dinner a couple months ago and they are so pretty but the bag that they came in was, well...blah!
You know I can't bare to throw bottles away - they are so pretty. It's like I have a love affair for pretty bottles! I have alot of empty Prima bottles. (For those who don't know what Prima is - they are an amazing flower company and some of their flowers are packaged in these pretty bottles.) I was looking through my empty bottle stash and spotted the two empty Prima bottles - PERFECT! And although they looked nice displayed amongst the towels - they were missing something.

Went over to Graphics Fairy - love that site! And downloaded a couple French soap labels. Printed them and cut them out...

Used some of my handy dandy Mod Podge - brushed it on and then let it dry.

doesn't take long to dry...but I took a picture while I was being impatient.

don't they look cute in the basket with all the little towels!
It really did finish them off by adding these labels and was super easy too!

Total cost = maybe 10cents worth of paper, ink and Mod Podge!
Time = less than 30 minutes and that included drying time

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  1. So cute!! What a great idea, you could even refill them when you run out of bath salts. Very pretty! Thanks so much for linking this one up to "Brag Monday".

  2. Oh, they look so pretty tucked in there! What a great idea and certainly must be fulfilling result. I like!

  3. Lovely idea! It makes a gift so special. Thank you for sharing with us,

  4. What a perfect use for those cute Prima bottles! Darling bathroom too!

  5. Oh la la these are very french, they are so cute and sweet and practical, Petra.xx

  6. Great idea! What can't mod podge do? Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  7. These look great. They'd be a great Mother's Day gift, just thinking ahead :)