Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ooo La La - French-ish Bottles of Bath Salts they aren't French...but I have this whole French theme going on in my downstairs bathroom. I've been kinda crafty chic-ing it up in there lately with the hat box and the towel holder...
I got this pink bath salts from our Relief Society dinner a couple months ago and they are so pretty but the bag that they came in was, well...blah!
You know I can't bare to throw bottles away - they are so pretty. It's like I have a love affair for pretty bottles! I have alot of empty Prima bottles. (For those who don't know what Prima is - they are an amazing flower company and some of their flowers are packaged in these pretty bottles.) I was looking through my empty bottle stash and spotted the two empty Prima bottles - PERFECT! And although they looked nice displayed amongst the towels - they were missing something.

Went over to Graphics Fairy - love that site! And downloaded a couple French soap labels. Printed them and cut them out...

Used some of my handy dandy Mod Podge - brushed it on and then let it dry.

doesn't take long to dry...but I took a picture while I was being impatient.

don't they look cute in the basket with all the little towels!
It really did finish them off by adding these labels and was super easy too!

Total cost = maybe 10cents worth of paper, ink and Mod Podge!
Time = less than 30 minutes and that included drying time

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Inexpensive Curtain Alternative

So I looked for curtains for our sliding glass door in our family room for the longest time...I just couldn't afford over $100 per panal! And actually trying to find curtains in my sliders size was near impossible!
I was frustrated and couldn't think of anything. So my BFF suggested using sheets. SHEETS? Like bed sheets? Really? REALLY!
I couldn't believe it! I went to WalMart and got two queensize flat sheets. At the top of each sheet where the casing is, I cut a verticle slice through the back layer at each end of the casing. The previous tenants left the curtain rod and it had been sitting empty for several months...
Here's what the final outcome looks like:

I love them and the total cost = LESS THAN $22!

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hat Box Re-do

My grammy gave me these two little hat boxes that she had gotten a few years ago but never really used...I love it when she cleans out the closets! Yeah Me!

So first I visited the Graphics Fairy and printed out some French letters and postcards...

I used my handy, dandy Mod Podge to attach the papers to the box...

and to the lid...

Once the Mod Podge dried, I spread Valspar Antiquing Glaze to the box...then wiped it off - it leaves a antiqued, distressed look.

I used my hot glue gun - trusty ol' attach a ribbon around the top of the base of the box and then added a button to finish it off...

I really needed something to put my hair bands, clips, etc in - and this is just perfect!

And it really goes really well with the bathroom decor! cost to me was less than $1 - box FREE! Then I used 3 sheets of white computer paper - maybe 10 cents. I already had the mod podge & antiquing glaze from other projects. The ribbon came from my ribbon wall in my scrapbook closet - about 30 cents worth. Button, again, from my scrapbook closet - about 5 cents. Woo Hoo!

Decor Mamma


Picnic Set Re-use as Bathroom Set

My BFF Julie gave me this really cute picnic set for Christmas...

I have to be honest...we have a few picnic sets and they sit in the cupboard...all year long! This one was really cute and I didn't want it just sitting I thought about what I could do with it!
(Light Bulb!!!!)
I have been looking for a little basket of some sort to put on my counter in the guest bathroom for hand towels...VIOLA!

I also use this bathroom to get all beautiful each morning...

and my blow dryer and curling iron generally hang out on the I used the utencil holder from the picnic set to hold these and my brushes...looks better than it did before - trust me...and the hubs liked it much better too!

So my new little "towel holder" really goes great with my other little nic nacs in my bathroom...ahhhh bliss!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Clock Crafting Chic Re-do Before and After

Ok - I showed the clock that I found at Target the other day for $17!

But it just wouldn't be me to leave well enough alone!!!
The dark brown was pretty, but I really wanted it black and more of a distressed look...
so I went to work!

First I masked off the face of the clock so the glass wouldn't get anything on it...

Then, I sanded the surface of the wood area to take the shiny coating off so that the new paint will adhere...

I used Krylon Acrylic Latex Enamel Black Satin Paint - I really liked this stuff! It was easy to clean up with just a little water and a sponge!

I actually ended up putting on 3 coats - because I really wanted full coverage and no brown to show through. After the third coat I let it dry overnight to make sure that it was completely dry before I started shabby-ing it up!

I used some sand paper to rough up some of the edges...

Here's some close ups of the clock...

Then I got my sweet hubs to help me hang my re-do creation...

I love it! I had to walk out the front door and then eyes went straight to my beautiful clock - but there's still alot of blank wall...I think it needs a few other
Watch for the update!

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