Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sharing Crafty Chic Idea - From Blue Family Scene

My husband's very crafty cousin, Margo (I claim her as my cousin too!) has a great Crafty Chic project I wanted to share with everyone! We are both super fans of the Shanty2Chic sisters and Margo did a little spin off of their apothacary jars...using baby food jars!!! Super Creative!

Please check out this and her other very creative projects and ideas here: Blue Family Scene
Can't wait to try this little project for myself!


  1. Thanks Cuz! :o) Love You and your great ideas!! :o)

  2. Hey you need to make a button that says "I was featured on Goddess of my Cottage" so I can post is on my blog. More publicity for you that way. LOL :o)

  3. I will do that...give me a couple days and I will get back to you... ;)