Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Magnetic Message Board

I visited my friend Sue this past weekend while I was in Orange County for CHA. In her entryway was this super cute message board...well of course I needed one for myself - LOL! So I gathered my supplies and went to work...
For the metal piece I used a sheet of roof flashing which I got at Lowe's for 92 cents! I made my wood piece a little wider than the tin piece and a bit taller. Then I determined where I wanted my holes and drilled them evenly spaced out at the top.

Paint the board - I used Americana Lamp Ebony Black...two coats. Then I distressed the edges once it was dry.

I used Gorilla Super Glue to attach the tin piece.

Once the glue dried I used jute twine to make a hanger...tying a bow at the top of the board.

In each of the four corners of the tin I drilled a tiny hole. In each of the holes I put in a black furniture nail. I found several different kinds at Lowe's in the area where you find Tacks, Nails and Fastners. They came in a package of 25 for 97 cents. I found these black ones and two other kinds that I really liked, so I bought all 3 packages. I figure I will find somewhere I can use them. I put a drop of super glue in each hole before I put in the nail.

I am thinking that it needs to have some wording down the sides...If I do, I will post an updated picture...but for now, I just love my new little magnetic message board.

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  1. Cute! Have you checked out my blog lately? You and I just love those Shanty sisters don't we? LOL Have a great day. :o)