Monday, January 18, 2010

Glass Apothacary Jars

There is generally a candle burning in my little cottage...
I don't have a specific "flavor" but I do like to change depending on the season or time of year.
Well with burning candles pretty much all the time...I tend to go through them pretty fast. And what I'm left with is generally just reminents of the candle wax in the bottom of the jar...and the jar itself.

I feel so guilty tossing out the jars because they are so instead of getting rid of them, I have a cupboard in the kitchen filled with all sorts of candle jars that are pretty much this one:

To get the residue candle wax out of the bottom of the jar, put the jar in a pot on the stove that has boiling water. Let the wax melt completely and then discard the wax. Be very careful with the jar when taking it out of the pot - it is hot - so use a hot pad to handle it! Then wash out the jar with warm soapy water. After that I go back over the interior of the jar with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to get anything else I missed. Magic Erasers are used daily in the cottage.

I had some random glass candle holders - PLUS the one that I had gotten as a pair at the Goodwill the other day and used it's mate to make the Cake Plate in the previous post! I also had two similar candle jars that I wanted to use for this project.

I applied Loctite 5 minute Epoxy on the top of each of the candleholders and then attached a jar to the top of each of the candle holders making sure that the jars are centered. Let these dry completely.

I felt like the lids needed something on I went back to my cupboard and saw these little tiny jar candles - and their lids! The lightbulb went on!

I removed the plastic piece from the bottom of the two little lids. Glued a piece of ribbon around the base and then attached them to the center of each of the larger lids using the epoxy.

Then I put some sweet treats in them and set them on the counter in the kitchen. So cute - and the best part - these two little beauties cost me a total of $2!


Blue Cricket Design


  1. I was looking more through your blog,and you have some of the cutest ideas..and they look so pretty when done. I've signed up as a follower..can't wait to see what you make next.

  2. That is serious brilliance. I've always wondered what I could do with my left over jars! Now I know!

  3. What a neat idea. Now I will keep my eye for glass candle holders to do the same. I have so many empty glass candle jars that this is a perfect idea!!