Monday, January 18, 2010

Cake Plate

Just so you know a little something about me...I love plates...and platters...decorative plates...tiered name it - I LOVE THEM!!! And when we entertain, I really enjoy breaking out as many of them as I possibly can to use for displaying the yummy treats.

So with that in mind...
I'm starting off with a super easy, fabulous Crafting Chic Project that is this awesome little Cake Plate. It only took me less than 10 minutes to make and that included drying time.

I was out shopping for supplies to finish a couple other projects, when I spotted our local Goodwill and I had to stop in just for a few minutes to see if I could find anything fun! And what do you know...I found a few fabulous pieces. The first was this glass platter with the turned up edges and a pair of Mikasa candle holders. I bought the pair of candle holders even though I only needed one...because I knew I could use the other somewhere... (so glad I did - you'll see why in an upcoming post).

After washing the platter and candleholder and made sure they were both completely dry. I applied Loctite 5min dry time Epoxy to the top of the candleholder.

Then I placed the platter on top of the candle holder - making sure that it was centered. The reason I like using the 5 minute drying epoxy is so that I have a little time to move stuff before it's too late.

**when using epoxy make sure that you cover the work area and work in a well ventilated place**

I let the epoxy dry completely.

And then served some yummy friendship bread on my new elevated plate for dessert.
Love my new little plate and it's a bonus that it only cost me $5!

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